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Formulated with gentle and mild ingredients to provide nourishing care and protect against skin irritation.


Special designed ceramic blade for baby, teeth between width 0.8 mm
 Smooth treated blade angle protects baby skin


Equipped with the unique Stagger Tooth technology, blending and fading easily becomes faster. This cutting blade provides an ultra short result with precision.


Introducing a powerful duo!! The Cordless Super Taper & Beret Trimmer is everything you need for bulk removal, tapering and detailing work


Ladies Hand Torso Hand Mannequin Hand


Switch out your current hydraulic pump and base with the NekPro 680mm Round Base and your styling chair will be "just like new". The NekPro 680mm is chrome, round and made by NekPro, a leader in the industry for providing quality and durable salon equipment.


Hair chair backrest special design, curve design of the body's spine,


A portable-sized face brush that can be used to apply loose powder and pressed powder.


Provided big storage space, almost 4 hair cutting tools can be stored and help you organize scissors and clips in order; handbag size, convenient and comfortable to hold in hand.


Wooden Foot Tub Pedicure Basin Home Bucket Foot Bath Barrel Massage Shop Bucket Foot Home Health Care

After a busy day, half an hour with hot water before going to bed at night, can be said to be the best health care method. It can relieve nerve relaxation, relieve mood fluctuations, relieve daily work stress, beauty skin care and health care effects; as long as you stick to the barrel foot every day, you and your family's health escort


Luxury and premium Spa Chair come with foot spa basin. Spacious and plush your clients will love the luxurious comfort and you’ll appreciate the versatility and low cost.


Cast aluminum wall mount hair dryer holder.